About the Artist

Artist statement :Jonathan Kattine is a contemporary artist local to the Florida panhandle. His work is predominantly influenced by his personal experiences, curiosity, and chaotic daydreams. He creates through an investigative and experimental process, always exploring and embracing new techniques and mediums. Through his artwork, Jonathan invites his viewers to accompany him in his day-to-day battle for control over the chaos that is the necessary driving force in the world that encompasses us all. 

Biography : 

Jonathan Kattine was born and raised in the Florida panhandle and has dreamed of creating art since he was in the second grade. Jonathan began his creative journey as a teenager by falling in love with the medium of spray paint-he learned to create galactic landscapes in a matter of minutes. This was the moment that made him decide to pursue Art as a profession. He went on to obtain a BFA from UWF in studio art and to learn fine art techniques. Jonathan was on the path of pursuing his dream as a professional artist when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, temporarily disrupting his creative path. Jonathan pursued other opportunities following his graduation but never gave up on his dreams as an artist. In early 2023, the opportunity of a lifetime arose out of the chaotic events of the pandemic. Jonathan obtained his position as an Art Handler for renowned local artist Justin Gaffrey, who specializes in is own one-of-a-kind sculptural acrylic art. In his role at the Justin Gaffrey Gallery, Jonathan thrives in a creative environment of like-minded individuals and is constantly inspired to discover new ways to create and express himself through his art.